Oct 29
David MacMillan
David MacMillan is the President/Owner of Timeshare Relief, Inc.

Dave Ramsey answers financial questions during these hard economic times. The second question is “How do you get out of a timeshare?” by Krystal in Alabama. Dave Ramsey is obviously very against timeshare ownership. He says that a timeshare is like running into a spiderweb, it’s very difficult to get rid of it once it’s on you.

He does mention eBay as a possible way of giving away your timeshare. We wrote on this blog on August 25, 2009 that you may end up waiting a very long time for a buyer to materialize on eBay. In the meantime, you’ll be on the hook for another maintenance fee.

At the end of the segment, Mr. Ramsey says that 97% of timeshare owners are dissatisfied with their timeshare. “Don’t Buy Them!”

Here at Timeshare Relief, we agree!

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